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Beach Flight Ultimate - Ocean Games

Ultimate Frisbee

Ultimate Frisbee, commonly known simply as “ultimate,” is a non-contact disc sport similar to soccer, but with the aerial passing game of football.  It began in 1967 at Columbia High School in New Jersey and today there are over 5,000,000 players in the US from novice to professional, and it recently gained recognition by the International Olympic Committee.  Played at local, state, and national levels, OCBU is the local league for Ocean City and provides pickup and league games throughout the spring, summer, and fall on grass and beach. They also host youth clinics through Ocean City Recreation and Parks and organize and adult and youth beach ultimate summer leagues.

Ultimate is self officiated and players all understand and play under the mantra of “Spirit of the Game.” Spirit of the game means having respect for the rules, the other team, and the game itself, and players ensure fair play and respect between opponents. OCBU encourages health, safety, and fun for all ages and fitness levels.  Originally played on grass, beach ultimate is exclusively co-ed and is played 5 on 5 on a smaller field.

OCBU is also proud to sponsor and team with Ocean Games, the only triple beach event on the East Coast!

Visit our website at or on Facebook at “Ocean City Beach Ultimate” to sign up for teams year round and for the OCEAN GAMES Beach Flight tournament.