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Ultimate Rules

Games are co-ed, 5 v 5, and played on a 75m x 25m playing field (45m with 15m endzones).

After flipping a disc to determine starting possession, one team will “pull” (kickoff) to the other team.  The offensive team must pass the disc to their teammates and catch a pass in the endzone to score a point (like football).  Players may not run while in possession of the disc.  The defensive team is trying to block or intercept the disc.  Any pass not completed by the offense, or which goes out of bounds, is a turnover resulting in immediate change of possession to the opposite team.

Players have 10 seconds to throw the disc which is counted by the defender called a “stall count.”  If the offensive player has not thrown the disc by the count of 10, it is a turnover.

Beach ultimate is a non-contact sport.

Substitutions may only take place between points or on occurrence of injury.

Beach Ultimate