Saturday, July 20, 2019

Every participant in the 9-Mile swim will be paired with a safety kayaker. The kayaker’s play a very important role in the 9-mile swim. They are the eyes and ears of their paired swimmer. The kayaker is tuned into how their swimmer is feeling at all times. Checking to see if the swimmer is going to the bathroom, looking out for signs of dehydration or hypothermia, counting strokes (are their strokes slowing down or getting more erratic?) and keeping them on course.

Every year we are awarded a grant from Choptank Electric Cooperative to cover the cost of the kayaks provided for the race. We are forever grateful for their generosity and continued support.

Below is a great video by one of our Safety Kaykers, Mark McGovern. If you are considering becoming a Safety Kayaker please watch to get a good feel of what being a Safety Kayaker is all about.

I stumbled cross a Facebook post in the Summer of 2014 requesting support kayakers for an Ocean Swim. I responded not sure what to expect. I soon discovered that I had signed up to assist in an amazing race in support of a great cause. After meeting Corey and witnessing his passion to give back to the organization that helped him, I knew this was a special event. I have been a safety kayaker every year since. If you are a swimmer looking for a great swim for a great cause with a family feel, I strongly encourage you to consider the Ocean Games.
— Mark McGovern

Interested in becoming a Safety Kayaker?

Send us an email at Please include your name, phone # and mailing address. Also let us know if you will be using your own kayak or if you need one provided.